Keep a

tidy mess

Store your creative ideas, crazy thoughts and out-there projects that aren’t ready to see the light of day yet. Put them into boxes and take out whenever you feel creativity spark and you are ready to dive into it all.

Give room

for your ideas

It isn’t all about accessories. It’s also about creating a space for working with your out-there ideas and concepts that pop up in the middle of the night. A workspace embracing every type of job. And every idea. No one too crazy or wild. 

Office essentials

for everyday entrepreneurs & creative thinkers

Creativity has no limit. It’s everywhere. And it’s for everyone. You can be creative at home, in the office, on the go – even in your dreams. When we think – and move – outside the box, are spontaneous and stretch beyond our comfort zone, that’s where the real magic happens. New ideas pop up. 

Dive into

our chronicles

Why stay inside the lines? Monograph isn’t for the straight and narrow; but rather for those of you daring to think differently. Dive into our creative space, read our chronicles, and find inspiration for your next journey outside the box. 

Get planning

Get planning

Writing things down makes you more engaged and focused on the task at hand. At least, that’s what research says. Instead of thinking “there’s an app for that”, invest in...

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