A season

of updates and newcomers

Old classics get a refreshing update with colours that are just right for Autumn. Some play into the darker theme while others brighten your day and sharpen your creative endeavors.

A playful


Smaller pieces, office tools and books for doodles. Created for playful minds and souls, for those of you who can’t stop your imagination and never sit still and for everyone enjoying a quiet moment surrounded by playfulness.

For creative writers, life-altering signatures, and doodles of a wandering mind


that make you stand out

Say hi to sleeves and pencil cases in canvas. To playful prints repeated on our new notebooks. Because they’re simply that good. Welcome storage in new colours and wrap it all in bold colours.

Planning never gets old. Done right is doesn’t even have to limit your creative mind and spontaneous soul. Schedule in time to do nothing, make time for creativity and wait to see where it takes you. Plan free time for those lively, fun moments that we all live for.

Dive into

our chronicles

Why stay inside the lines? Monograph isn’t for the straight and narrow; but rather for those of you daring to think differently. Dive into our creative space, read our chronicles, and find inspiration for your next journey outside the box. 

Get planning

Get planning

Writing things down makes you more engaged and focused on the task at hand. At least, that’s what research says. Instead of thinking “there’s an app for that”, invest in...

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