Jan, 2021
A collection of opportunities

At Monograph, every season is colourful and packed with creativity. This spring, colours are coming at you on storage items, scissors, clips and recycled bags. Just to give you a taste of what you get to play around with in your home office. It’s a collection of opportunities to be creative.

Any hopeful creative needs the right tools. This season gives you marker brushes in new colours, a luxe art set with graphite sticks and a variety of pencils, as well as watercolour pencils. All you need is that spark of creativity to set it all off.

Take care of your tools and store them in our toolboxes. Made in calming whites and greys, they blend in seamlessly and serve as a functional piece of décor. Holders for your tablet and smart phone, step stools, clips, drawing compasses and scissors in red, grey and blue complete the tool theme.

We love our metals and continue last season’s aluminium trend. You get a small tray for clips, rubber bands and all the small items you have lying around. To add shine and a downright cool touch to your home office, an aluminium ring binder and clipboards enter the scene. A shiny and sleek alternative to cardboard.

In the same spirit of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, we add metal wire baskets to the mix. It’s a classic that has been updated with different sizes and a smooth finish. Be creative in where you place them and what you put in them.

Creative sparks fly when colours are combined in new and fun ways. Monograph is into colour blocking with blue, red, green, and orange. They might be contrasting, but in the end, they bring out the best in each other. And they no doubt bring an eye-grabbing detail to your office. Grey remains the calm colour that adds harmony and balance throughout the collection.


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