A personal invitation

May, 2019

It’s time to bring friends and family together with a personal invitation that creates attention. In a time where almost everything happens online, an invitation by the mail will be something your guests will remember.

This is why, Monograph has created the most beautiful invitations with a shiny golden touch that adds a special elegance and is perfect to set the mood for an amazing event. Everything is set and the only thing that is left to do is to fill out the blank spaces and put the invitations in the small envelopes.




Invite your guests over for a magnificent brunch with homemade bread and fresh brewed coffee. You don’t need a special reason other than having a good time with the people you care about. 

Cakes & sweets

A cake table is the best way to satisfy the sweet tooth and it’s the perfect theme for a special occasion. Bring together your friends and family for a birthday or anniversary and serve the most beautiful cakes and delicious sweet snacks. 

Drinks & dancing​

If it’s time to throw a big party, you can also use the invitations to gather your friends for some drinks and dancing. Serve a wide selection of different cocktails to make sure there is something for every taste and let the music play until the middle of the night. 

Dinner & wine

Gather your best boyfriends and girlfriends over for a delicious dinner with everything included. At Nicolas Vahé you can find recipes for tasteful entrées, delightful desserts and quirky cocktails. Find the perfect recipes for your next event here.


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