Colour outside the lines

Aug, 2020

Even in challenging and trying times, there are bright sides, too. And so far, this year has been a reminder for us all to never take things for granted and make the most of it. How you’d like to do that is completely up to you. At Monograph, we like to make the most of every moment: explore, play, create.

Creativity has no limit. It’s everywhere. And it’s for everyone. You can be creative at home, in the office, on the go – even in your dreams. When we think – and move – outside the box, are spontaneous and stretch beyond our comfort zone, that’s where the real magic happens. New ideas pop up.

So, keep dreaming. And don’t be afraid to go big. Just remember to explore, play and create along the way. To help you do just that, dive into our stylish and functional new collection with colourful and nifty tools that help spark your creativity. Turn things upside down. Be creative. And make it fun.

Colourful items for colourful minds

At Monograph, colours are key. They make daily to-dos more fun. They pave the way for creative endeavors. And they spice up a day at the office.

This season, the colours offer a joyful and nostalgic, retro feel with saturated shades, muted tones and bright, bold accents that make it pop. There’s something for everyone.

Put your tools to the test

At Monograph, we like to keep things simple. Because who likes complicated anyway? We make classic items with nifty details and utility at the core. It’s simplicity with a twist.

See things more clearly with our new table lamps, get organised with cool, retro storage solutions and make the office work easier with our new memo holder, sticky notes,staplers and pencil sharpe


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