Creative gift wrapping

Mar, 2019

At Monograph, we have a wide range of items for the gift wrapping. Therefore, we have gathered 3 of our best tips about how easy it is to put the finishing touches to the gift for one of your loved ones. Just take a look here!

Colourful glitter tape

Tape does not have to be transparent and only a practical part of the gift wrapping. Make tape the festive part of the gift by adding a colour or lots of glitter.

At Monograph, we have a wide range of tape with dazzling glitter, wonderful colours and graphical designs. Perfect as the finishing touch to the gift wrapping.

A special mark

Nothing is better than giving one of your loved ones a personal gift. So, why not make the gift perfect – from the content to the gift wrapping?

With a small mark and statement, you can both add a personal greeting on the gift wrapping and on the greeting card.

Graphic gift-wrapping paper

Try to make something extra out of your gift wrapping by finding the perfect, colourful and creative gift-wrapping paper. When you need to wrap up the gift – then why not choose a gift-wrapping paper that will impress the receiver of the gift? With decorative gift-wrapping paper, you do not have to add much more in order to impress the lucky receiver.

See the entire assortment of our funny and different gift-wrapping items right here.


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