Creative pursuit and new experiences

Jan, 2020

As time flies by, we always seem to be on the move, trying to catch up with ourselves. However, sometimes it needs to be about winding down, unbending the mind and taking a break. A break from everyday activities so we can spend time on things that really matter. This season, the colours have been turned up, providing a retro feeling as we go completely “back to basics” and concentrate on the function of the tools.

With a series of new travel accessories, we make it both easy and fun for you to pack your suitcase and leave home. It is about rediscovering the world and collecting beautiful memories, whether this be filling your handy travel bag with souvenirs or through words and drawings in one of the new colourful notebooks.

So, prepare yourself for a season where time is not a decisive factor. It is about making the most of the time we have and making it easy for ourselves with the right tools. In this way, there might be time for new experiences and creative development.

In everyday life, it can be a challenge to deal with many different things at the same time, but with Monograph’s selection of well-arranged planning tools, you can easily return after a relaxing and memorable vacation.


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Get planning

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