Find the artist in you

Mar, 2021

Art is personal and each medium attracts and engages in different ways. Monograph supports your artistic endeavours and wants to give you the best tools that make you go “ooh”. From charcoal pencils to watercolours and pastels, switch on your creativity and turn your desk into a creative space.

Whether you’re an ambitious artist or just dabble with drawing as a hobby, you might prefer one particular medium over the others. Or maybe you just find that your creative output is much more impressive when you use pastels over, say, charcoal sticks. Whatever you prefer, Monograph has everything you need to satisfy your creative urges.

We dig pencils in all their formats. The regular ones, those in different grades, the charcoal pencils and the coloured ones. Did you try watercolour pencils yet? Draw to your heart’s content and add detailing, depth and fades with a water brush. The pencils look like normal coloured pencils, but when you add water, that’s when the magic happens.

Charcoal sticks are another great medium. Drawing with charcoal lets you explore light and contrast, and with kneaded erasers and blending stumps, you can adjust highlights, add details and really put the finishing touch to your piece of art.

If you’re the more-colours-more-fun kind of creative type, pastels and watercolours are probably your thing. Everything from fine lines to broad strokes are possible with the square form of our pastels while watercolour is great for creating every effect under the sun: Rich and saturated colour, transparent effects and washes that let the colours bleed into each other.

The process doesn’t stop once you’re done creating. Display your art in your home office or on your living room wall. Choose between our coloured clips and metal clips for an eye grabbing way to hang up your art. Or highlight your sketch by placing it on a clipboard for everyone to see and admire.


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