Mar, 2021
Get organised

There are so many solutions out there when it comes to organising your desk. Some like a perfectly clean desk while others prefer to keep the essentials within reach. At Monograph, anything goes. With our baskets, trays and even toolboxes, it’s easy to declutter and make your desk personal.

Rather than telling you how to organise your desk, we want to inspire you with our storage solutions. Because a desk is a highly personal space and nothing is right or wrong when you want to organise it. We simply like a good out-of-the-box idea when we see it. While we do offer storage boxes (and they’re awesome), have you considered a toolbox, bag or even metal basket?

Maybe you like to keep your things hidden in plain sight? Metal baskets are the answer. Hang them on the wall or keep them on your desk. It’s an easy way to organise and still let the colours of each item play a role in decorating your desk. You can even stack the baskets and make the most of the height if your desk is a compact one.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a clean desk and the calming effect it gives, storing your office essentials in a toolbox or in your drawer is a great idea. There is room for clips, pins, magnets and pencils in our toolboxes and we even have a compartment that you can use in your drawer. Pretty handy.

It will only motivate you and make you more productive when things are within reach and organised. Keep your clips and rubber bands in a tray next to your computer and try storing your notebooks in a new way. Don’t you just hate frantically going through that big pile of papers and documents to find what you’re looking for? Use a document organiser for your notebooks and reports – it’s just easier to see what’s what.

Another out-of-the-box idea is to use bags for storage. Instead of an actual box, put your things into a light bag. Ours are made of recycled bottles and can be rolled up after use. Little bundles of organising joy. And colourful too.


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