Mar, 2021
Get planning

Writing things down makes you more engaged and focused on the task at hand. At least, that’s what research says. Instead of thinking “there’s an app for that”, invest in stationery like a notebook, sticky notes, planner and pens. Keep track of your to-do list the old-school way. It works.

The old pen and paper way of planning has worked for centuries. And it’s not going anywhere just because everything can be handled digitally these days. If you want to become more productive and not miss a deadline, writing down your goals and to-dos every day is effective. Sure, you probably can’t get rid of the online project planning tool for work, so use both to your advantage and let them supplement each other.

Our calendars and planners come in numerous layouts and are easy to customize. Stick some sticky notes or index tabs on them to make your appointments and reminders stand out visually. A wall calendar in the kitchen gives you a much-needed daily overview of all appointments and birthdays. Go for an annual calendar or planner if you want a whole page for each day. Depending on the level of structure you want, use clips, stickers and markers in different colours to personalize your calendar.

You can’t get anything done without notebooks. Our everyday designs are trusted companions in your bag and on your desk because they don’t take up that much space. If you want something sturdier, notebooks with a hardback design or spiral do the trick. They make it easy to write things down on the go or take notes in your lap and you can deck it out with stickers, doodles and structure them any way you like.

Anything goes when it comes to planning. You decide if you want to jot everything down or rely on your memory. We all think and plan differently. Some of us use sticky notes while others might write everything down and turn their planner into a gratitude journal as well. Monograph simply gives you the tools to get there.


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