How to decorate your desk

Aug, 2019

When decorating your desk it is important to carefully choose your office supplies to create as much calmness and order around you as you can. At Monograph we have made a guide that shows you how to decorate your desk area to optimize the space in your home office.




Lighting is one of the most important factors when you are working at your desk. This is why, you need to choose a lamp and lightbulb that fits you and your needs when considering the amount of light. Place the lamp in the corner of your desk or near your primary work area.


Find one or more storage solutions that will help you organize your office supplies. Place the storage in the opposite side of your desk lamp to utilize the space on your desk to the greatest extend. 


Add all your different office supplies to your storage solutions to make sure you have everything you need right by your fingertips. Store your writing instruments such as pencils, pens and erasers in one box and other office supplies such as a scissor, ruler and paper clips in another one. By doing this, you are able to keep your office supplies separated and easily and quickly find them at the same time.


When you sit and work at your office desk, oftentimes you will need to write down the to do’s of the day or other important notes. Therefore, it can be smart to have a notebook or sticky notes by your side at the desk so you always have paper to write on whenever you need it.


If you are lucky enough to have extra room on your desk, Monograph has a line of products which are perfect to complete your work space. Place a watch, a weekly calendar or a blotting pad on the desk to add the final touch to your office area.

See all Monograph’s products here.


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