Must haves for the writing desk

Aug, 2019

At Monograph, we have made it easy for you to combine the ideal kit for the writing desk. A kit with the most important items for a balanced writing desk where you will have everything you need – we have therefore gathered five indispensable must haves for you.

Writing implements

No matter what, a writing desk is a necessary part of any office. Instead of writing on the computer all the time, it can be a good idea to alternate between the digital and analogous media once in a while.

Sticky notes

If you juggle with different tasks, it might be a good idea to use sticky notes to create an overview. Use the small stickers as a note in your notebook or as a message for your colleague.


With a notebook you do not have to look for paper when the phone is ringing – in this way, you can quickly write important things in the notebook. Place the book on the writing desk, so you can write down daily to does and brainstorms.


Storage is indispensable for both paper and ballpoint pens. Place a small basket or mug on your writing desk, so you can hide away your office implements in a stylish way.


Plan your days, weeks and months by writing your appointments in a traditional calendar. Go back to basics and note down your meetings, agendas and deadlines.


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