Sep, 2021
Stand-out sleeves and pencil cases

There are so many ways you can stand out from the crowd. Your outfit, your hair style. Your laptop sleeve and pencil case. At least that’s what you can do with the Bump range. Get ready for original patterns, vibrant colours and a durable canvas quality.

Colourful items for the creative spirit

Make an impression when you enter the meeting room or sit in the local café, working on your projects. Monograph has made it easy for you with the range of Bump items. Our in-house designers have come up with three quirky and colourful designs for laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves and pencil cases. If that’s not enough for you, some of the patterns are repeated on our notebooks as well.

A reflection of who you are

Keep your laptop or tablet safe in a sleeve that is just as colourful and playful as you. Bump is that kind of sleeve. The canvas material keeps your laptop dust-free and makes each pattern pop. We like things to be informal but with a playful aspect. The Bump items get the job done and when you carry your sleeve around, you are bound to get noticed thanks to the understated, graphic design.

Perfect for a creative, fun and laid-back person. Such as yourself. The patterns give off a doodle kind of vibe with their handmade look (because they’re handmade, obviously). A look that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still creative, intricate and stands out.

Items for online and offline use

If you’re still the pen-to-paper kind of person, get the matching notebook and pencil case as well. Just in case your laptop crashes. It is a practical item that safely stores your writing tools, stickers and erasers. Whatever you need to doodle, plan and plot. We settled on a rectangle design for our pencil cases. Because it’s cool and looks great with the finish at both ends. The slight stiffness of the canvas material and the vibrant patterns make the pencil case practical, sturdy and eye grabbing. Just the thing you need because you will probably be using it several times a day.


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