Feb, 2021
Things that make your desk complete

Besides a chair, lamp and Wi-Fi, what does your desk need to whisper “you complete me”? Stationery and office supplies, of course. Monograph loves all kinds of desk essentials, gadgets and neat designs. From pens to pencils, paper and scissors, we make sitting at your desk a walk in the park.

You could probably make a list of a hundred things to keep at your desk. Like a printer, a picture of your family and a chocolate bar. Those would certainly make the workday better. But we don’t supply any of that. Let’s focus on awesome stationery, office supplies and the little things you take for granted. Like a pencil sharpener that actually works. Or pencils that are comfy to hold.

Pencils to write with, coloured pencils for your sketching needs and pens are pretty much vital on your desk if you want to get anything done. Along with notebooks and sketch pads as well if you’re into drawing and being creative. We provide it all and in a myriad of colours, so you can decorate your desk your way. To keep your pencils razor sharp, don’t forget a sharpener. And if you’re more creative than most people out there, save the shavings for art. We’ve heard it’s a thing.

Your desk also deserves to be organized. At least to some extent. Keep your papers and documents sorted in our ring binders, folders and document organisers. It’s a great way of clearing the desk after a long day and preparing for another. And it makes your desk look professional which is something you want to hold on to if you work from home. To keep the creative juices flowing, make sure you add something with colour and a smart design. Trays, clips in golden metals, colourful rubber bands, scissors and so on.

There are so many distractions when you work from home. The same applies to the office, but at home it’s just easier to get side-tracked by the dishes, your dog or the living room that needs cleaning. So make sure your desk is fully equipped and organised. This allows you to focus on the task at hand and surrounding yourself with great stationery and supplies just makes the job easier.


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