Mar, 2021
Think outside the box with colours

Some colours have a calming effect. Others spark creativity and make you think outside the box. It’s no secret that we like a bit of colour to get things going at Monograph. Instead of your average grey, black and white, work some vibrant shades into your home office with accessories you can’t help but notice.

A splash of colour

Now that we spend so much time working from home, creating a home office or workspace in the living room that works for you is important. Maybe you don’t want to be distracted by too much colour. Or maybe you need a good dose of colour and striking details to start writing, planning or just go through your inbox. We’ve got you covered at Monograph.

It’s the little things that matter

If you think it’s overkill to give your walls a new coat of paint to become more inspired, the right office accessories in vibrant colours will do the trick. Scissors, clips and even rubber bands can be the detail that makes your home office personal and creative. Think outside the box. Place and use the items in unconventional ways. When you’re not using your ball of rubber bands, squeeze it like a stress ball when last-minute e-mails from your manager tick in. Use the colourful clips to gather reports or use them to hang pictures and other items on the wall.

Alternative storage

Sometimes thinking outside the box means not using a box at all. Our vibrant storage bags are made of recycled plastic bottles and are a quirky way to store your items. Instead of placing boxes on a shelf, hang the bags on the wall. A colourful and creative approach to storage.

Colours can motivate and make you more productive. Now that we can’t have an actual block party, have one in your home office with our items in red, orange and blue. Arrange them in colour blocks and notice how each colour affects your concentration, creativity and productivity. No matter if you want a space that makes you focus more or a creative one, a little splash of colour goes a long way.

Colourful details

Have you ever thought about how even the tiniest details can make you more curious and get your brain working? Grab an office item and get lost in the details and intricacies of the design. Sometimes that’s all you need to get the creative thought process started.


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